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Helping Families find their Furever Friend, One Puppy at a Time.

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 Here in Small Town Tennessee, the Judd’s are a well-known family, but then again so is everyone else. This is the kind of place where everyone knows your name, the kind of town where your friends and neighbors are the same as family. As a child, as far as most people could tell I had a  normal wonderful childhood. I enjoyed many things alot of kids just dream of getting to do. I played T-ball, Softball, Cheer, Gymnastics,, Slumber parties. But what moat couldn’t see or even understand why, where ulcers that developed from having such a big heart and big imagination. It was a  source for lots of worry and extreme overthinking for such a young mind. To help me overcome. People pleasing and fear of performing and failure kind of got the best of me. My mother went to her best friend for the perfect solution: a show dog that just wasn't quite cut out for the pressure of performance either. She was gorgeous full-bred quality show-dog. Patty, my Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdogs) turned out to be exactly what I would need as a companion for the next decade of my life.  I was 7. She was my best friend and helped my hyper sensitive heart and emotions through alot of things. Now fast forward about 20 years. God has blessed me with my very own super nervous and anxious 7-year-old son. Only thanks to mom we knew just what to do. And so began our very own journey to find him his perfect companion pup as well. It didn’t take very long for us to feel overwhelmed; we had logged countless hours with google and were still left with more questions than answers. We needed a family dog. A kid-friendly dog. We needed to make sure that the puppy was being raised with exceptional love and care and that it would transition well into our home and our lives. It is very hard to find that and know for sure that is what you are getting. We did not want to get a puppy from breeders who had several litters at a time on site. We wanted a puppy who was going receive the one-on-one time love and attention that a lot of breeders simply cant give. We had almost lost hope of ever finding just what we were looking for until FINALLY we stumbled across another highly reputable family, in the small town just next door to ours. They just happened to have delivered Golden Retrievers two weeks before our son's 8th birthday. A great big family with lots of kids, raising the sweetest puppies. We knew we had found our kind of people, with our kind of pup. And we were right, Goldie, was the perfect fit for our family. Until weeks later, when we would realize our oldest son had a hypersensitive allergic reaction to dogs. Cue the Poodle to our Doodles!!! We got in touch with a precious breeder who knew all things Doodle-related and she helped us to see and understand the amazingness of the hypoallergenic coat that Poodles produce. We knew we had to try; For our son and other families around the country who struggle the same as him. Today, we are so thrilled that we have found the perfect combination of our hypoallergenic family-raised fun loving, and gentle puppies. The pairing of these two breeds has turned out to be absolutely joyful little bundles of perfection! What started out on a simple search for a companion puppy for my littlest boy, has turned into a fulfilling and life-changing calling. Our main priority is ensuring the overall health and well-being of all our puppies from birth until they leave to be with their furrever family. We also want to provide the best quality puppies to the best quality families by walking hand in hand with you every step of the way, getting got know you, and helping you find the puppy that is perfect for you. We have a team of helpers ready to answer any puppy questions you may have for us. So, reach out to us and get your search going today. And I promise we are here to walk with you every step of the way from now until adoption day- and beyond!

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Don’t hesitate. Shoot us a message  We are here to help and answer all your questions and get you connected with your furrever friend.

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